Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day +186

Day +186 Not a whole lot going on except for being extremely cute. Katlyn has been doing awesome. She has been playing out in the snow everyday and doing lots of crafts and playing in her room. Her menu of foods that she can eat is increasing slowly everyday. Bacon is even on the menu! ! We were lucky enough to be home over the past two weeks. We will be heading to Halifax this week for Katlyns ivig and bloodwork. Not a whole lot going on for this appointment but I just know they are going to be so pleased with Katlyns progress! ! She has been able to maintain her weight. We are just patiently waiting for her tcells so that she can get out of isolation. Katlyn turns 9 on Thursday! ! We are so lucky and grateful to have her in our life. Please keep Katlyn in your thoughts and prayers.