Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day +162

Day +162 We have been given the okay to try food again! ! Katlyns ng feeds are only up to 40 ml/hr but we are thinking 70 might be too high and we might need her to eat to get some calories as well. She is one happy little girl. She had a lot of tummy aches yesterday with the food and was scared to tell me but I assured her that it was normal her stomach would be bothered since she hasn't ate in so long. She feels stuffed because her belly has shrunk so much. So hopefully we keep moving forward and get this girl home soon. She is much stronger and has so much more energy. It will be amazing to have her at home with all of her toys and craft supplies. Her bloodwork has been excellent as well. Not much to complain about thankfully. Finally all electrolytes have stabalized and her marrow seems to be getting stronger. We are still patiently waiting for her t-cells which are due anytime now. These are the necessary ingredient to help Katlyn fight a real infection. I pray they come soon.