Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day +166

Day +166 Not a whole lot off change in things lately. We did start a new medication today called Octreotide. This medicate will reduce Katlyns output if she has a secretion problem from the norovirus our something else. It will not help if the problem is a bacteria overgrowth. Because Katlyn is so sensitive and having a problem with antibiotics we thought this would be the safest way to go first. The gi specialist started Katlyn of with a very tiny test dose today just to make sure she doesn't have any problems. It's not standard practice but the way Katlyn has these strange sensitivities we didn't want to create a huge problem. We will start the minimum standard dose tomorrow morning. If she is going to get some results it should be pretty quick as it is fatty acting. We will probably know over three next few days I imagine. The other possibility is that Katlyn may have a bacteria overgrowth. There are two treatment options for this. Probiotics and antibiotics. Probiotics are not even a possibility as Katlyn is immune compromised and they can cause a major problem. Katlyn has an extreme sensitivity to antibiotics, so if need to go that route we will have to do some working around with the dosing. If any of you recall, antibiotics are the primary reason for both hospitalizations. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Hopefully we know more in a few days. It's so frustrating having no idea what is wrong with our baby girl.