Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day +174

Day +174 I'm so happy to announce that we are finally home! ! And it's awesome. The new medication Octreotide is working wonders and keeping our girl safe. The unfortunate thing is that this medication can only be given iv or sub q injection, so Katlyn has to get a needle in the morning and in the evening. The volume is pretty high and it is extremely painful for her but she is already finding ways to cope. She really truly amazes me with how brave she is. Katlyns target for her ng feeds was 70 ml/hr but after they did a calorie count of the food she was getting by mouth (over 1000 calories) they decided 55 was enough. There seemed to be a difference in the way her body absorbed the medication between iv and sub q so yesterday did not look so good for us and we thought for sure we were not leaving. They increased the medication and already we are seeing improvement. She is like a completely different child from before. She is almost to her old self. She was strong enough to walk out of the hospital herself and quickly took over the radio in the car while she took in the scenery. She is so happy to be here. If all goes well she will not have to be seen for two weeks at the iwk. Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and support during this extremely difficult time. Katlyn was in very tough shape but slowly she is getting better everyday. Thank God. Tired right out but so happy!!