Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day +141

Day +141 Not a whole lot has changed with Katlyn. She has lots of of nausea and vomiting. Last I posted we stopped the enzyme. We did attempt to restart it yesterday, and Katlyn got very sick very quickly. We stopped it today, and she started to feel better a few hours later. We have been going around in a circle trying to figure out what is going on. A scope was performed over a month ago, and we no longer feel as though this would be necessarily applicable to now. Things may have changed. So she is going to be having a new scope done with lots of tests and biopsies to see if anything has changed. In the meantime we will stop the ng feedings and Katlyn will be on clear fluid only. She will get all of her nutrition through tpn and lipids and nothing in her gut, to give it a break once again. This break had not done much in the past, but hopefully this time it will calm things down. Hopefully we don't find anything wrong in the scope, but it is very important to rule out gvhd, new viruses and bacteria and parasites. It may just be that the flora in Katlyns gut is all wonky because if the antibiotics. In a healthy person you could use probiotics to correct this, but unfortunately not for Katlyn as she is immune compromised. This is by far the hardest and scariest thing we have ever gone through with Katlyn. I can really see it is taking it's tool on the the of us. Please keep us in your prayers, especial Katlyn.