Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thanks to the NIH and Children's Inn

I would like to thank the NIH for the most obvious thing first of all. Thank you so much for accepting our little girl into the protocol and giving her a fighting chance at life. I think that everyone has agreed that the gene therapy is working. It may be slow coming, but Katlyn's immune system is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I really hope that Katlyn's doctors at the NIH realize what they have done for her. With a bone marrow transplant, the outcome was questionable and very scary. You have saved our little girl's life. Each of you have a part in that, and we thank you from the deepest depths of our heart. We look foward to working with you over the following years to watch Katlyn's progress.
I'm so glad that Katlyn was able to benifit from her treatment, but also be able to help children that come after her with this diagnosis. Participating in a research study is very difficult because you have a lot of unanswered questions, but Katlyn's doctors did their absolute best in trying to provide us with as much information as possible.
We also thank you for trying to work with us to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We understand that our practices were not what you were used to, but I think that you tried your best to help put our minds at ease. Some of the nurses that worked with Katlyn are some of the most fantastic people we have ever met, and we are going to miss seeing you and will look foward to seeing you when we come back for Katlyn's checkups.
I don't really think I could ever let the Children's Inn know how thankful we are to them either. You gave us a support network and leaning post when we needed it most. You really took care of us in so many different ways. We loved all your hugs and kind words over the six months we spent there. You were there for us when things got stressful and always did everything you could to take the stress off our shoudlers as much as possible. I think everything you do is amazing and everyone who has a part in making the Children's Inn what it is, is so special.
Thank you to everyone at NIH and the Children's Inn who had a part in Katlyn's treatment and helping to make our stay as comfortable as possible.
Some of you really touched our hearts and we will never forget you.