Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 131 Post Transplant

Today was a pretty wonderful day. Katlyn's neautrophils went up a bit on their own and her lympocytes also increased a bit. She was able to go outside, so of course that is where we spent most of our day. It was an adventure. Katlyn was the most excited I have ever seen her when I told her she could go outside. It seems as though every time we go outdoors, she gets more and more comfortable out there. Today she was all over the place exploring. She was hammering things with her sticks and now has a new found love for rocks. She played and played with rocks forever. She counted them, then counted them again. She scraped them along the walkway, so that she was drawing a little picture. She had so much fun. I think we spent about 5 hours out there today.
Tomorrow is IVIG day and that means it is going to not only prevent Katlyn from going outside, but also keep her very close to her IV pole, restricting her mobility and freedom.
So Wednesday we'll find out what Katlyn's t-cell function is and then we'll go from there. She is doing great though. I really think the gene therapy is working. Someday soon Katlyn is going to be able to lead a normal life.
I would also like to thank everyone that comes on here and reads Katlyn's blog and keeps us in their prayers. Having a sick child is a very stressful and heartbreaking situation to be in. Some days I find I have lows, whereas other days I have this happy buzz. It really is a rollar coaster we are riding on. But thank you to everyone who does continue to supprt us through this very difficult time. We really do need all of the help and support we can get, and we do appreciate every bit of it.
Thank you all.