Thursday, October 11, 2007

No Nap for Katlyn

Today I was putting Katlyn for a much needed nap when I noticed one of Katlyn's doctors and a nurse at her window looking in. They stood there for a sec and then barged in. It was obvious that I was putting my little angel for a nap, but it was obvious they didn't care. Why they didn't care? They were coming to give us some fantastic news. Katlyn's t-cell function test results came back today and was an all time high of 28,000. YEAH!!!! The doctor told us that we could go back to Canada, we could stay at the Children's Inn, whatever we wanted. So here we are tonight with our little sweetie at the Children's Inn. We are in our glory and Katlyn, although very sleepy, is too.
So now we are faced with a decison of wheather we should stay here until the end of the month when her research blood is drawn, or go back to Canada for two and half weeks and come back. The thing is the government will be sending a special private aircraft to pick Katlyn up, and we don't want to put her in danger by sticking her on a commercial flight so soon afterwards. So we are checking to see if it is possible for the next research blood to be drawn in Canada, as a one time exception. I'm sure we will be able to id that is even an option, but there are rules and we need to find out if this is one of them.
Regardless, right now we are very happy. We have our little girl at the Children's Inn with us, and it feels really great. She had spent two nights here but the doctors felt it was in Katlyn's best interests to stay in the postive pressure room at the hospital because of her numbers. However after the results came back today they felt comfortable allowing her to come here. While Katlyn is here we don't allow her to go in any of the common areas. She is only in our room, which we have thourghouly cleaned from top to bottom. Besides that she goes outside and she will now make daily visits to the clinical centre, across the street.
It's hard to say right now when we will be coming back to Canada. Based on her numbers, she is ready to go now. However, we just want to make sure that first and foremost we put Katlyn's interests first.
She is doing great though. We still do have a long road ahead of us, but Katlyn is getting better and that's the most important thing. When we get back to Canada, Katlyn will be back at the IWK until she her ready clinically and we have a place safe enough for her to live. We have so much work to do, but we will get there.