Friday, October 19, 2007

So Katlyn is doing very well and just to let you all know her burn has cleared up very well. In one spot on her face, it must have been where the burn was the worse, the skin dried out and we were a little scared that it might start peeling off and scabbing. So we stopped using the burn cream and started to apply some special cream that we got from Canada (Eucerin Glycerin- not anywhere in this Country). So the rest of the dry skin eventually came off and it looks fantastic. She has one tiny little red spot, which I think is going to fade out. Luckily she never got it her eyes, developed an infection or is going to have any scarring.
She is doing FANTASTIC, her new word by the way. Katlyn's last t-cell function came back at 28,000 and her research blood is going to be drawn a bit early, on Monday Oct. 22. So that means that we will be returning to Canada on Tuesday. We are not waiting on any test results, so it should be a go ahead. We are extremely excited. The last week has been really wonderful for us because Katlyn has been staying at the Children's Inn every night and only coming back here every second day. We can tell she really loves it too. She actually get pretty upset when her she rolls up in her little red car in front of her hospital room door. She has seen what it is like to be in a warmer, more homey setting.
Her speech is coming along very nicely. I actually don't think there is anything she won't say. New words are coming out all the time. We are actually going to get her hearing tested as soon as we get back to Canada, because we have our suspicions that it may be a little better than her last hearing test (which was done a long time ago now). It will nice to check it anyway.
So we are looking forward to going back to the IWK. Although Katlyn will still be hospitalized, we are very excited to be closer to home. As soon as we get home we are going to plan a visit with Katlyn's sister Haley, all her Grammies and Grampy. We are so excited. We will not have to be back until Nov. 26, and then after that Katlyn's appointments will change to every two months. I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of our girl because I know I have been slacking in that area. We have just been so busy having our little girl at the Children's Inn, and having a great time