Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend has been incredible. Yesterday was the Talladega Nascar race so Johnathan and I got the huge idea that we would clean our room at the Children's Inn from top to bottom and bring Katlyn over. She had a blast. It was so amazing. It was really nice to feel normal for the day. We had no worries really, it was actually pretty easy. As soon as Katlyn came in the room she pulled her socks off and took off, running back and forth. It was funny. She seems to like it here. I also cooked Katlyn's supper for the first time ever. I made chicken, potaoes and vegatbles. I was so nervous. I really think I washed my handss like 50 times. I knew her chicken was done cooking at a certain point, but I still cooked it for a little longer, just to make sure.
It was so nice for us to all be eating supper at the same time. It was so special. When it came time to bring Katlyn back to the hospital we didn't want to very badly. It felt so strange. It almost felt as though we had done something wrong and were only able to visitation with Katlyn. It was not a pleasant feeling.
This morning I discussed the idea of Katlyn spending the night with us at the Children's Inn, and the doctor was in favour of the idea. She said she felt very comfortable with us taking Katlyn and she knew that we were careful enough that she would be safe. So we were allowed to bring Katlyn to the Children's Inn again today.
We didn't have a nice turkey dinner and yes we are still not home, but today was so great. I don't know how I could come close to describing it. Basically we feel a little normal. We feel as though we had some privacy for once and weren't under a microscope all day. It was so nice to have our little girl running around playing and getting into everything. What joy!!!!!!!!
Now she's asleep and we are going to join her shortly. It's so nice to be able to sleep in the room all three of us together for once. A little bit of normalcy goes a long way. We will have to take her back early in the morning to meet with the doctors. We don't know if this will be a regular thing, or just a one shot deal. It's so great though and we know that someday soon, things will be normal. Katlyn is doing very well right now and she is going to get a little better everyday.
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.