Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day +136

Day +136 So the enzymes do seem to be helping Katlyn, but we are currently trying to find the right dose for her. Over the past few days something seems to be making her nauseous and vomit as well. We noticed that the potassium citrate that she was getting was making her feel very sick. Everytime we gave it, she complained her tummy hurt. So Friday we really pushed for it to either stop or change to something more tolerable. They decided to stop it all together until someone from nephrology came by to look at her. So today the doctor came by and had some very surprised news for us. Since the ultrasound Katlyn had that showed a bunch of stones in her kidneys she has had another ultrasound and mri. Both of these new studies show no kidney stones!! So that yucky stuff she didn't want to drink is gone out of her life, but it did work and dissolve the stones! Great news to stay our day. Also Katlyns feeds are starting to be increased. She needs to be at 70ml/hour to meet her needs and not need the tpn. Currently we are up to 47ml/hour. Hopefully we will go up again by 5ml in about 6 hours. We are also going to work on pushing Katlyn to drink a lot more. Our goal is to get the iv hydration turned down and then nothing. Our hopes is to get everything back to manageable level and one day be able to go home again. Hopefully sooner than later. Last week we also spoke to the doctor about being able to see some of our immediate family. The doctor said he would be comfortable with this as he knows us well and knows we would not have anyone around Katlyn if they were sick. So we will finally be able to see my mom and John's mom and dad and grandmother and then the most exciting part is to finally see Haley, Katlyns sister. It's been forever! ! Lastly, I finally convinced Katlyn to let me cut her hair. It looks so sweet. A fresh new beginning with a fresh new immune system.