Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day +129

Day +129 Katlyn is starting to slowly do a little better again. On Friday we met with infectious disease. The doctor said he was doubtful that Katlyn actually has h flu since she has no symptoms. We did an xray and it was perfectly clear. He thought it was possible that this bacteria may just be part of Katlyns natural flora and came from her mouth rather than her sputum. Immunology agreed and stopped the antibiotics right away. So Katlyn is back to having a gut rest rest, which unfortunately means no food once again. She is getting tpn and ng feedings so all of her nutritional need are being met. She is still very upset though. I can only imagine. I know I am super upset for her too. So on Monday we will do a npa test 48 hours after we stop the antibiotics to see if the bacteria is present further down. This is not a pleasant test and katlyn absolutely hates it. On a good note, we have finally stopped the prednisone and thankfully she has stopped chewing her nails. In celebration we did her nails in jamberry thanks to Jen Biggar for sending her some in the mail. They came at the perfect time! !