Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day +114

Day +114 So Katlyn has not been tolerating the feedings very well at all. She has not been feeling too well. Yesterday and today both, she woke up feeling extremely sick. So yesterday they turned her feedings down to 10 ml/ hour. She does still get some TPN feeding as well through her IV line, but still its not enough. Yesterday the nutritionist told me that she would be getting 57% of her daily needs. Today however, her liver enzymes were elevated once again, so we had to turn the TPN down again. She will not really be getting a lot of calories at all but hopefully she starts to tolerate the NG tube feedings so that we can turn that up. The idea is that if she can get her needs through tube feeding and her belly can heal, then she can eat in addition to the tube, but she will not have all the pressure and we will not have all the worry. We did meet with the GI specialist yesterday and so far all the results for Katlyn's scope are negative. This is awesome news because it means that so far it looks unlikely that there is another virus or parasite causes more problems. GVHD is also not suspected, which is wicked!!! But it still does leaves the question about what exactly is going on. They suspect that Katlyns gut is irritated probably from the norovirus and it may be that when she had the chemo, it just upset everything more. She was then not absorbing her nutrients properly, and was not able to heal her gut properly. It seems as though everything that Katlyn eats and drinks just goes right through her. Besides the above recommendations, the GI specialist also recommended that we try to slow stuff down a bit, so that hopefully Katlyn can absorb more. I know not everyone was in favor of this idea of making the bowel kind of lazy because of all the meds and stuff going into Katlyn. So through the night Katlyn was awake often, and this morning Katlyn was having a lot of pain in her stomach and feeling nauseous. She was even sick. So we really really pushed the Imodium to start right away. We started it this afternoon and we hope that it works. I think that if it works it won't make Katlyn's bowel too slow. I think it hopefully will operate a more normal speed. I'm praying anyway. She seems like she is in a better mood now. She is not in pain or discomfort, after having a long gravol induced nap.