Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day +121

Day +121 so we came back home today. Katlyn is doing pretty good, although she does still have a long ways to go. She gained 7 lbs since we went to the iwk. What a little superstar. So she is now up to 22.9kg. She is still having a lot of difficulty with food though. We tried her today with a few pretzels and unfortunately it was not a good experience. So we will be taking a few days off the good to rest her gut. Her feeding tube will deliver all the required nutrients and calories. It is still very difficult though to say no to her for something as simple as a pretzel. Hopefully after a few days rest, We will be able to reintroduce food back into her life. The Iwk was AMAZING in taking care of our girl and getting her feeling so good. The whole team was amazing especially the immunology team. She now jokes around more and smiles. She wants to play! ! One day at a time we will get our sweet angel better. Tonight we cuddle in my bed and I listen to her sleeping so deeply. So amazing to me since she only wanted to sleep on the couch last time we were home.