Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day +125

Day +125 Katlyns output was very high yesterday due to the antibiotics. Everyone worked so hard yesterday to get Katlyn to drink enough to keep up for the day but it was not easy. Katlyn remained in good spirits even though she doesn`t feel well and couldn`t barely keep anything in. I spoke with the doctor this morning and she was hoping, as we are, for a better day today. If things follow the same suit as yesterday, we will be going back to the IWK. They will give her the antibiotics IV, and probably TPN to give her gut rest and then of course IV fluid. We did discuss the option of extra mural coming in, but it is too difficult to monitor Katlyn close enough that far away. She is in a fragile state, having only had a transplant 125 days ago. I feel as the decision is a wise one. We will insist on Katlyn being checked for Haemophilus influenzae or h flu before discontinuing the antibiotics and sending her home. Its just too risky. We do not want Katlyn to go backwards. When Katlyn was admitted the last time, it was for sure one of the scariest moments of our life. I cannot recall Katlyn ever being that sick. So we are hoping that the day is a better day and things slow down enough to manage.