Sunday, September 2, 2007

Katlyn wearing the box that her plastic bottles come in on her head.
I swear that girl will wear anything on her head except what your suppose to.
This is Katlyn's Elmo balloon that she can't seem to keep a hold of.
I think she does it on purpose.
Once she got a hold of it she barely let the ballon out of her sight. Mind you I tied it around her wrist.

So on Friday night they gave Katlyn a dose of GCSF, this is used to stimulate her bone marrow to produce more cells. So anyway, yesterday morning Katlyn had her blood drawn and we expecting to see her numbers quite high and were surprised when Johnathan can back with a piece of paper in his hand that read neautrophils 464. I cannot even begin to describe how that made us feel. This was a sign that something very dangerous was going on with Katlyn. If the GCSF does not work, than there is a huge change that her bone marrow is not functioning properly. We were both lost. We were trying to find reason and make excuses. There is no other way to describe the situation other than it sucked.
So I wanted to take a look at all of Katlyn's numbers so at about 3 p.m. yesterday I strolled down to the nurses station and asked one of the nurses to print her numbers off. I swear my heart stopped when I looked down and saw that Katlyn's neautrophils were almost 7000. I could not believe it. I ran clear down the hall and barged into Katlyn's room and gave Johnathan and Katlyn the news. We were all jumping around and feeling much better. It was a mistake but apparently the nurse was very busy and wasn't paying much attention and gave us the wrong numbers. It could have been worse though, she could have been right.
So the G should wear off gradually of the next few days so we should see Katlyn's numbers coming down. Hopefully when she stops dropping, she stops at a safer level than she has been. So her doctor came in today and said everything is looking great and we should be a go for Tuesday. If all is the same, he will contact the IWK and let them know that we are ready to come back to Canada. So then we will just wait for the plane to come and get us.
Katlyn is doing great though. She is growing up so much. She produces several new words every day. I really am so fascinated with her. She can pretty much identify almost any animal and can count up to 12. She is a smarty pants. Right now we're in the process of switching Katlyn from lactose free formula to Regular whole milk and there hasn't been any problems. In fact, I'd say things look a lot better. Today we started her with a sippie cup and she learned to drink from a straw.
Honestly, Katlyn catches on to everything very quickly. She is a very smart little girl. I am so proud of you Katlyn, for everything.