Friday, August 31, 2007

Bone Marrow Aspiration Today

Here's some pictures of our little princess............

Here are some pictures of our little firefighter.....

So Katlyn had her bone marrow aspiration this morning and there were no complications. I don't know why I always get so stressed out when Katlyn is put to sleep. I just don't feel at ease until someone comes in the waiting room and says she's doing okay. No matter how many times we have gone through it, it doesn't get any easier. Each minute takes an eternity.
Anyways, two of the doctors took a look at Katlyn's slide of bone marrow and did see there was an abnormality there, but that it looks like it has improved since Katlyn has come here. That was very uplifting news for us. I couldn't sleep barely at all last night and I know Johnathan didn't sleep at all.
So she received a shot of GCSF tonight and we will follow her counts through the weekend to see how it does. If all is good on Tuesday (Monday's a holiday), than we will be free to go back to Canada. We'll just have to wait on the plane to come and pick us up.
The doctor also let us know that the patient before Katlyn (the first in the protocol) had to get shots of G twice. He's doing really great now and is back home in Argentina.