Friday, September 14, 2007


Daddy and his upside down girl
In this picture you can see the little necklace I made for Katlyn yesterday. It has a little dog on the front and she loves it.
Here we are counting.
Johnathan took this picture and I just love it.
And here I am giving my girl lots of loving

I'm so happy that today I can write some very great and exciting news about Katlyn. Her t-cell function test came back today and it was 20,000. This is fantastic news. This more or less confirms the last test result was probably an error because it was only 500 and the one before it was 18,000.

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Katlyn really wants to share some news with the world. Probably needs to send a message to herself in the future I imagine. This blog is hers so I just cannot stop her, plus it's cute watching Katlyn imitate her mother.
So that brings all her numbers back where they are supposed to be. We will not be leaving just yet though. Katlyn has research blood on Sept 25, which is not that far away so we'll stay until then Hopefully we can start planning it soon though and hopefully (I have my fingers crossed here), we'll be able to go home soon