Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So as some of you have already probably seen, Katlyn got to go on a little adventure yesterday. We decided to allow her to have a little trip outside yesterday after careful consideration. Katlyn has almost spent a whole year trapped in a hospital room and yesterday she had the opportunity to go outside. We don't know when she may be able to go outside again so we decided to let her break free for an hour. We have no idea if Katlyn will send 1 months or six more months in the hospital and we knew that this wouldn't only do her a world of good, it would do us good too.
All I can say of the whole situation, as Katlyn's mother, is that yesterday was one of the most amazing days of our lives. It was a very nice gift to be able to give her. She has been through so much and still has such a long road ahead of her. It was a really nice little breaking and it was nice to have some normalcy for once.
All wasn't completely normal still. Katlyn had to wear a mask for protection and she wasn't allowed out of her stroller to wander, but it was a nice step in the right direction. Her doctors feel as though Katlyn does have enough protection that she would be able to go outside.
Katlyn wasn't scared at all. She seemed to just go with the flow and the thing she was most fascinated with was the trees. She was already familiar with trees somewhat because she has some just outside her window, so when we got outside it seemed as though it was the thing she noticed the most. She also got to see lots of flowers, including some roses. We were also able to show her some tomatoes, cars and a huge tractor.
I can't even put into words how yesterday was for us. It really was magical. To tell you the truth, it didn't even seem real. To have our little girl outside like a somewhat normal child, seems so insane I still don't know if it actually happened. Oh dear, I'm tearing up now. I just can't wait until Katlyn gets better and is able to live like a normal child as she deserves so much. The past year has been the most difficult time in my entire life and soon we'll be in the clear. She really is going to get through all this. I know it. I can feel it in my heart.
It really fascinates me looking at Katlyn and how little she has been affected by all this isolation. I know some parts of her life has been affected, but she still remains so happy and excels in all other areas. It's remarkable.
So the GCSF is working and it is looking like we will be coming back to Canada on Thursday. We are trying to remain neutral about the whole ordeal, because we don't want to be shattered again. So Katlyn may go back to the IWK on Thursday and if she does than that's fantastic. It will be nice to be back and I'm sure Johnathan is missing Haley very much. We will actually be able to try and get things ready for Katlyn to actually leave the hospital. From here we haven't been able to do anything. But at least there we can start getting my mother's house ready or finding a new apartment, whatever it may be. Besides that Katlyn is doing great. Right now she hiding behind the bed up to no good I'm sure. My little monkey.