Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all Katlyn's numbers were great today. Her neautrophils were 546 and her lymphocytes were 114. The doctor came in this afternoon with some very exciting news. he notified us that he was speaking with Katlyn's doctor that had been in Italy and they both agree that it is time for Katlyn to go back to Canada. We are so excited. Katlyn's monthly research is on Thursday as well as her dose of IVIG, but anytime after the dose of IVIG she can go home.
I contacted Dr. Issekutz at the IWK to see if he you could a flight together for Katlyn's trip home. He said it usually take a week to get it arranged but that he too agrees that it's time for her to come home. He has been brought up to date by Katlyn's doctor here of her progress and said he's not sure how long Katlyn will have to stay at the IWK. However, once we get back to Canada we can start working all of those details out.
This is so exciting. Finally. We are definitely going in the right direction and everyday Katlyn is getting stronger and stronger. Someday very soon Katlyn will be able to be home, and we very much look forward to that day. Hopefully maybe she'll be home for her second birthday and be able to have some freedom.
We still have a long road ahead of us, but I think the hardest stuff is already behind us now. We will definitely hit some bumps along the way but everything is going to be alright. Our girl is doing alright and that's all that matters.
So as soon as we get home we have to work out the details of where Katlyn is going to live. We know one things for sure, we are going to try and make everything as safe for her as possible, but it definitely looks like we'll be living in Moncton. The water is one of the biggest benefits of living in the city and we'll be a lot closer to the IWK, and I will also have my mom there for support. I think it will be a great move to help us get back on our feet and make things as safe for Katlyn as possible.