Thursday, August 30, 2007


Katlyn will be heading to the OR at apprixmatley 10:00 a.m. in the morning for her bone marrow aspiration. She will be put asleep for the procedure. I'm pretty sure that everything is going to go great and we won't get any surprises. As soon as they prepare the slide her doctor will examine it for adnormailites, and if all is clear they will give her the GCSF and we can go back to Canada. Timewise it's all dependant on when they make the slide. They may do it either tomorrow or Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday. And then after that we will just have to wait for the plane to come and get us. Also Katlyn will have some bloodwork in the morning and hopefully all looks well.
Please keep our girl in your prayers. I will update her blog just as soon as I get a chance.
Also, Katlyn is really growing up so fast. It is so amazing. She is in the process of being switched from formula to milk, and is doing great. She had been on lactose free formula, and now is switching to regular whole milk and there has been as bad effect. If anything things look better. Also, Katlyn is pretty much eating entirely all by herself. We are just so proud of her. She is a big girl now.