Monday, September 15, 2014

Day +45

Day +45 Katlyn is doing amazing. She has been in great spirits and tries very very hard everyday to get stronger. We barely have to say much about the drinking. We just have to bring it to her and she has no problem drinking between 2.5-3 litres a day. Her magnesium level is starting to come up a bit, which is great news since we give Katlyn 750 mg of magnesium a day, and its very rough on her stomach. We are working on her sodium as well. Since she is drinking so much, she flushes too much salt so we have been putting extra salt on everything we can. Today Katlyn's neutrophils are at 6000! Which is incredible. This number really took us by surprise. Wow! Her platelets remain stable but her hemoglobin continues to fall. So far she has only needed 2 transfusions, but she is close to needing one again. The gvh rash seems to be under control. In addition to the cream we started her on prednisone orally and it seems to be doing the trick. We have been taking Katlyn outside for little outings as often as she will let us. She tires easily, but today I am bribing her with a Klondike chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.