Monday, September 15, 2014

Day +39

Day +39 So I am going to start this post of with the best news of the day!!! Katlyn's chimerism results indicate that her cells are 100% donor. This is amazing. This is confirmation that Katlyn has successfully engrafted. Wow. what a great day. In other news Katlyn was disconnected from IV hydration yesterday morning and she is still off. Yesterday she drank more that 2.5 litres for the day. What a little champ. Her sodium is a little low so we have been putting extra salt everywhere to make up for it. As you flush your body, you also flush sodium which is not good. She is low but just below the normal level. Her magnesium also is a little low, so she will start to take magnesium supplements three times a day instead of two. She is doing amazing!! What a great day.