Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is Katlyn about 10 minutes after leaving the for our long ride to the airport.
This is Katlyn under her plastic shield at the airport
This was Katlyn's room at NIH this time.
This is Katlyn's old room where she spent 8 months. It's strange seeing it from the outside and empty.

I am so happy to report that I am feeling a bit better today. I just realized that we have no idea what is going to happen, and I was just spending way too much time moping around. Katlyn is a very strong little person. We have seen her overcome so many obstacles already and she's going to get through all of this too. Besides that, we still don't know exactly what will be taking place. Every since Katlyn was first diagnosed, a bone marrow transplant has always been a possibility. There is a possibility that she still might not have to have one.
Also, it's possible that all these marks on her body may not be the same thing. They know for sure that one is because they biopsied it, but the remainder are still unknowns until the same is done.
I have faith that everything is going to be okay. For now, I'm going to try and focus on the now. Katlyn is doing well otherwise, so I need to focus on that. The weather seems to be getting milder, so I think I'm just going to try and spend as much of our time outdoors as possible. Katlyn is pretty anxious to learn how to ride her bicycle anyhow.
On Wednesday we will have to take Katlyn to the local hospital for her RSV shots. Luckily they are the last ones for this year. YEAH!!!! No more shot in her legs. I'm sure she'll be very happy about that. Also, on the 16th Katlyn will have an appointment at the IWK. If Johnathan works, I will need to take Katlyn on my own. I have never driven that fall on my own before, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I may need to stop a lot to help Katlyn, but it's okay. We have a couple of ideas on how to make the trip even better anyhow.
Besides that we will anxiously await the news from NIH about Katlyn. She is scheduled to go may at the end of next month, but they let us know that that date is subject to change at any time.
Please keep our little girl in your prayers because there is a lot of power in prayers.
Thank You.
This is a model of the Clinical Centre. I think it would be impossible to get a picture of the real thing. It really is that big. It is the largest brick building in the world.
Here Katlyn is talking to the fish in one of the CHildren's Inn's very beautiful fish tanks
These rainbows on the floor are reflextions from one of the windows. They are everywhere at the Children's Inn. Katlyn is fascinated with them.
On the way home, we stopped for a break and Katlyn asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. When Johnathan got back in, the blinkers were going and the wipers and heat were on.