Friday, May 11, 2007

So Katlyn's line will be coming out. Her doctor left us with a very difficult question yesterday to ponder through the late hours of the night. Yesterday I think he was in favour of Katlyn keeping her line and the doctor who put the line in thought it should come out. SO I think not only John and I had a lot of thinking to do, but Katlyn doctor as well. This morning he told me that he did have a recommendation. I thought for sure he was going to let me know that he thought we should keep the line in. See the thing is Katlyn's line is completely inactive since the last day of the antibiotic,which was a week ago. It's usually not a big deal to keep a line in with it hep locked. However, since Katlyn is immune compromised, a hole in her neck can be threatening. If it should clot then there's a risk of infection, well there always is for her. Beside we don't want to take any risks. Should Katlyn get another infection, treatment will be again postponed. And none of us want that. We just want our baby girl better. So the doctor was actually on the same side as us. It's so nice when everyone is on the same boat.

Oh yeah I wanted to mention that the dentist had come to visit Katlyn. At first he wasn't completely lost as to why she had discolouration on her teeth, but the I mentioned that we use chlorhexidine in her mouth everyday. He said that he believed that the chlorhexidine is the contributing factor. Because most of the teeth are smooth, you wouldn't see any staining. But on the rough parts of the teeth, the chlorhexidine will stay in the little grooves. He said by brushing her teeth after every single meal, we can get rid of the discolouration. And he also mentioned that we should brush her teeth with a regular toothpaste containing fluoride. So we were in a bit of a pickle. See the reason why we started the chlorhexidine in the first place had to do with germs. A toothbrush is a great source for germs. So what to do. We decided to use the same sponge applicators that we use for the chlorhexidine for the toothpaste as well. The are nice and soft and we get to use a new one each time. We have been doing that for about a week and the discolouration is almost gone. YEAH!!!!!

The little boy that did the therapy before Katlyn will be leaving in a couple of weeks. I wanted to talk to his mother so badly. I mean basically her son is the footprint for Katlyn and seeing him outside the hospital running around playing makes us very excited. I had so many questions for them, but there was one problem: we don't speak the same language. They are from Argentina and speak only Spanish (no English at all) and the only Spanish I know is from Dora the Explorer, definitely not enough to get me by in conversation at all. So I spoke the the manager on duty and let her know how badly I'd like to talk to his family. She ran upstairs and got her and decided to translate for us. IT was so nice of her. I found out lots of things about her child and his treatment. My favourite part is where she told be that we have to have hope and faith because we are going to get through this and our daughter is going to be okay. She was so nice and her son is doing so well. It's very nice to see that. It was so great to talk to her. I told her I would be saying "Hola" when I saw her in the halls.

It's looking so far like the interview on CBC radio will be on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. our time which is 10 a.m. AST (time at home). It's only tentative right now but I'll keep everyone posted as soon as the plans are finalized.

All is well though. I went to the doctors today and the stone is completely gone. He sent the stone for analysis and that should take about a month to tell me why I had a kidney stone. Things are great though. We are very excited about the harvest being a week away. Finally.