Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Crazy Day

So Katlyn's chemo was supposed to start today and before I scare everyone, I just want to let you know it did, but it almost didn't. This morning Katlyn was supposed to start her chemo at 9 a.m. Well, 9 came and went. Her doctors were worried because Katlyn has been having very loose stools and they didn't want to administer chemo if she had an infection. They asked me a million questions about the stool. After some discussion they felt that there were many other reasons why Katlyn could have loose stool besides being sick. So they took some blood and checked to see if there was any inflammation in her body. I thought John and I were going to go crazy. The doctor said that everything is very time sensitive and if we couldn't do chemo today we would have to put her back on PEG ADA, wait three months and start all over (even the harvest would have to be done again). I'm telling you our stress level was running really high (that isn't even coming close to the right description of how we felt). We were scared.

So anyway, that test came back in a normal level so there was no inflammation in her body. They also checked her stool for a few things and that all came back fine. They tried to do a urinalysis put because of all the diaper cream and the fact that it was collected on cotton balls, the test came back inconclusive. Mind you Katlyn was taking a nap after only getting 4 hours of sleep through the night, so we were desperate to get what needed to be done done, but try to do it without waking her. If she would have woken, it was necessary we know.
So when the UA came back, the doctors decided that putting a bag on her wasn't worth it. It would just make her skin break down, and they already felt as though it was unlikely that Katlyn was sick (same as John and I). So the chemo was back on schedule.
It started a lot later than was planned but it's all done now. She did great. She didn't give any sign of feeling yucky or anything. Thank GOD!!!! So now we just wait until Saturday when her cells will be injected back in. We are so excited. Finally!!!! Katlyn is going to have a new start to her life. We are thrilled. So now we just have to be super careful about germs like we always are. And the chemo drug seems to be hurting her when she urinates, so we have to stay all over that. That should be all through with like 24 hours though.