Monday, May 14, 2007

Katlyn did get her line taken out and the site is looking very nice. The new skin has grown over and it doesn't look like anything is infected. The nice thing is she will be able to take a normal bath now because there's no fear that her dressing will get wet. She has had a couple of baths already and loves it so much. We thought that her new line would be a portacath but it's not going to be. It'll be a broviak (unsure of spelling), if I'm not mistaken. Everything is still as scheduled for Friday. She will need a CBC done on probably Thursday to see if her neautrophils are still above 1500. She's off that PEG ADA, so this does make us a bit nervous. If her counts are not at 1500, we will not be able to go ahead with Friday. I don't think that will happen though. Apparently the PEG ADA is supposed to stay in her system for about three so technically there shouldn't be a problem. But you all know trouble we have had with her neautrophils and probably why this makes us a little nervous. It's really funny how much worrying a person will do about things they shouldn't have worried about in the first place. I truly believe that a person shouldn't worry about something unforeseen in the future. People are so crazy. We have no control and yet we will worry about pretty much anything. Even if it's out of our hands entirely. We have no control.

Mother's day was fantastic. Katlyn drew me a wonderful picture right on the wall at the National Institute of Health. Ha ha!!! Still it was pretty cute I must add. I also a very lovely card by her too. I think it's incredible how she runs around this room nonstop with a notepad in her hands and either a pencil or crayon. She will honestly draw in that all day long. I will defiantly be keeping that little notepad for her.

Katlyn is doing very well though. We really have no concerns with her other that when she tries to stick a crayon in the power outlet. What a little bugger!!!!! I love her so much!!!!

So it's looking like that interview with Jennifer (Cole's mom) myself and CBC radio will be tomorrow morning at 9 our time which would be 8 a.m. AST (the time at home). So don't miss it. I'm so excited to be taking apart in something like this with one of my closest friends.