Friday, January 18, 2008


Here Katlyn is playing the piano, which she is very good at.
Katlyn falling out of the bottom of the car while Cole stands by.
What a couple of cuties

So we came back from our trip to Halifax very late last night, or should I say very early this morning. We did not like the idea of leaving Halifax so late in the day because it is such a long ride, but they were forcasting for snow in New Brunswick so we wanted to get home before it started. I'd say it was a very wise decison too. Looking outside this morning I know driving home would have been very dangerous. There is so much snow out there already.
So Katlyn got to play with her little friend Cole. Cole was diagnosed with SCID as well and they were both in the IWK at the same time. During which time we became very close with his whole family. We were very lucky they opened their home up to us and allowed us to stay the night in order to be as close to the hospital as possible for early morning. Thank you guys so much. The kids had a great time. I know Katlyn will be very excited when we are going back and she sees Cole again. It was very nice to see Katlyn interact with a child her age, something she has never been able to do before.
Her appointment went very well. It was a long day at the hospital because Katlyn had to have her treatment of IVIG and her RSV shots. I know she didn't like the fact that she couldn't run free and that right after that she was stuck in the car. Her doctor seemed plaesed with Katlyn. We had nothing to report. He said Katlyn can now start eating some more fresh produce like apples, oranges, melon and cucumber to name a few. I'm so excited about this, and Katlyn seems really excited too. She was thrilled when I handed her a clementine yesterday.
Other than that all I have to report is that Katlyn's lympocytes were 100 and neautrophils were 700. So we will be visiting the US in a couple of weeks. Katlyn's appointment at the NIH falls on her birthday Feb. 5.