Monday, November 19, 2007

Just hanging out at the IWK

Katlyn is doing very well. I was hoping that I would have some parade pictures to put on here, but unfortunately I have not become familiar enough with our camera in order to take pictures that actually show up properly. I have a few, but they are actually too embarrassing to put on here. With a journalism and photography background, you would think that would have been able to figure it out. The lighting was difficult because we were on the top floor of the parkade looking down on the parade. Katlyn had a blast. She enjoyed all the lights and music and sometimes she even got to see a passing dog or little children running around down below.
It was a pretty chilly night, but Katlyn was really bundled up nicely. She was so hyper from the parade, that she didn't even want to go to be. She just kept signing jingle bells.
Nothing is really new as far as Katlyn goes clinically. We will be going back to the United States next Monday for Katlyn's first follow up appointment. We are pretty nervous because she will be flying commercial, but I'm sure she's going to be fine. She'll probably just watch Elmo the whole time.
Other than that we are working our hardest to fine a safe place for Katlyn to live before Christmas. Really, it is our ultimate goal. Katlyn is doing fantastic and she is able to leave, so now we just need to get out of here. She had to spend her first Christmas in the hospital and we are trying our absolute hardest for her second to be at home.
We also learned that Katlyn will be able to play with Cole, another child with SCID who had a transplant in April. Their doctor said that we'll take a look at her bloodwork when we get back from the US, and everything is good then we can go on a pass to visit him. We know his parents, Jenn and Mark very well, and know how clean their environment is. We also know we are going to have a blast. It's so exciting to think that Katlyn and Cole are going to finally meet. We have been all going through this together, with both of our children sick. It's so neat how they will meet very soon and will both be each others first little person to play with. We are also planning on visiting them when Katlyn has her followup appointments at the IWK.
As you'll see in the pictures, Katlyn has taken a liking to playing in the lockers amongst a million other things. She now climbs everything and anything, just like a little monkey. In other words, Katlyn is able to be your typical two-year-old--with the attitude and everything, despite all the isolation in her life.
Katlyn is our little angel and she is such a little trooper to go through all of this. She always has a smile on her face. She is so awesome.