Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The little man on Grammy Shirley's porch. Katlyn really took a liking to him and his Canada flag.

Katlyn in her new pool at Grammy's house

Katlyn needing to sit by herself on the shuttle at the airport in Portland. It din't last though.

Katlyn realxing after she woke up from anaesthesia.

Well as you know we have to take Katlyn to the hospital for bloodwork and adminmister GCSF every Monday and Thursday. We intended on getting the nurse to help us with the GCSF at the same time we were getting bloodwork done. Things dind't really work out that way though. Yesterday was a holiday and getting the blood work done was hard enough. We had no choice but to bring Katlyn home and give the GCSF ourselves.
I have never given a needle to anyone before. I was way too scared to do it. Johnathan was in charge of the important task. When he was getting all the supplies ready, Katlyn asked me what he was doing and what she was getting. I was honest and then she asked if it was going to hurt. I try to always reamin completely honest about things as I can. That way Katlyn will trust us through it all. I told her it would hurt a little for a sec, but then it would be okay. She asked me what she was going to do. I told her she was going to be strong and brave and then it would all be over. She said she needed a band-aid on it.
It surprised me how Katlyn was with the whole thing. It seemed as though, although it was obvious she wasn't that thrilled to get the needle in the first place, she was more relaxed with Johnathan and I. I think the trust we have worked so hard to maintain with her has paid off. She knows we will tell her the way it is, and we wouldn't hurt her.
What a tough little monkey.
The GCSF did work very well and the doctor said on Thursday we should take Katlyn for blood work and hold off on the GCSF until we get the Go Ahead by the doctors. It may be only necessary once a week instead of two. So it looks like we will be administering her GCSF shots, but cutting them in half will definitely help.